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SureMountain Logo Construction, Fit Outs & Energy Saving

Vision & Values


An Outlook & Process For Prosperity


The Essence of Our Organisation


We have an inbuilt set of standards and beliefs that reflect our business and SureMountain also upholds certain values that represent the essence of what we are as a Group. Service excellence is a core priority and our innovative solutions enable us to offer customers convenience and economy.


Our values guide the decisions, actions and behaviours of our people so the customers’ opinion of service is consistent. These values consequently drive our performance and growth in core and progressive markets.


In the coming years, we aim to be able to look back and see that we have maintained our consistently high standards while continuing to develop and adapt in tandem with new technologies.


We will continue to positively contribute to our communities and will grow and adapt to encompass new initiatives, while still focusing on the traditions of our company. The fundamentals of caring for all who are associated with us including employees, clients, business partners and the communities we operate is of paramount importance.

Our Vision

At SureMountain, our mission is to deliver projects of the highest quality, according to specification, within budget and on time. We want to be renowned for our exceptional people, our great service and effective results.

On Budget


On Time




Great Results


Our Mission

Everyone in SureMountain is committed to consistently delivering superior service in the most efficient way so our customers, shareholders and employees benefit in a sustainable way.


Our Guiding Principles

Our decision making is guided by the following:

 Environment Health & Safety First

We never compromise on the health and safety of our customers and our people. SureMountain manage the impact of our business operations on the environment and implement responsible strategies.


Energy Efficiency 

We are committed to ensuring a more sustainable future by placing energy efficiency at the centre of our service offerings and working with our clients to reduce their carbon impact.



SureMountain is a company driven by compliance to building regulations, health & safety and effective practices in relation to the well-being of our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers.


Client Delivery

Continued loyalty is earned from our clients by consistently demonstrating quality, service, value and innovation. Our service delivery system offers consistency for every client to realise these objectives.


Developing People 

We recognise the diversity and contribution of our people so our work environment is challenging with opportunities for all. SureMountain support everyone to develop, learn and succeed.


Profitable Growth 

Growth should be achieved through disciplined, sustainable activities, underpinned by strong governance, that contributes to and leverages the benefits of our internal systems.


Continual Emphasis on Performance & Efficiency

We deliver high quality and performance, while relentlessly pursuing efficiency through our operations and systems.


Our Values

Collective beliefs that guide our behaviours.

Openness, Trust & Integrity

SureMountain deliver the highest ethical and professional standards at all times. Relationships, whether internal or external should be based on honesty, respect, fairness and a commitment to an open dialogue and transparency is represented in all processes.


Passion For Quality

SureMountain is passionate about delivering superior service by replicating and following specific internal processes. We are diligent in learning from operational mistakes and develop innovative ideas that help us improve and lead the markets we operate in.


Teamwork Priority

Individual ownership is important but teamwork builds our organisation through shared and balanced relationships. We value the expertise, individuality and contribution of all colleagues and regularly share good practice openly in pursuit of shared goals.



We look to make a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of our customers and take responsibility for our actions so we help to develop better more inclusive communities. SureMountain do not operate in isolation, we are responsible.


See more on our specific policies and processes.

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