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Floor Insulation

SureMountain offers a range of floor insulation services to commercial and industrial properties. Typically, we work on ground floors, exposed soffit floors, separating floors and other bespoke applications. We integrate flooring insulation services with our wider portfolio of construction, property maintenance and sustainable solutions.
Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Exposed Floors

Exposed Floors

Seperating Floors

Seperating Floors

Service Delivery

Our service delivery system ensures that the design and planning of your solution is of the highest industry standards, meeting both regulatory requirements and client specific needs.


Ground Floors

When designing a ground floor insulation system SureMountain takes into consideration a number of factors to achieve the desired U-value. Our analysis studies apply floor loading, the most appropriate position of the insulation within the floor structure and assess potential opportunities for minimising thermal bridging, air leakage and condensation.


SureMountain delivers specialist solutions for thermal insulation, fire protection, acoustic requirements, moisture protection and bespoke industrial insulation. We offer an end to end solution which includes a property assessment and appropriate analysis, through to design, planning and implementation.


Below or Above The Slab

With ground bearing floors SureMountain is able to specify insulation which is either installed below or above the concrete slab. Our design team will choose an applicable solution for your property depending on whether it is a retrofit application or new build structure.


Ideally, SureMountain tend to specify that the insulation is installed below the slab, as this has the effect of increasing the properties thermal capacity. This kind of specification also helps to maintain steady internal temperatures. Insulation installed above the slab delivers a different result and the property will respond much more quickly to the heating system.


It is clearly a misconception that insulation is a commodity because without the appropriate knowledge and expertise to effectively identify and install the correct solution, the expected results are never likely to occur. SureMountain has experience to deliver exceptional solutions which not only provide fantastic efficiency results, but also offer the safety and security required by many of our clients.

Below The Slab


Above The Slab


SureMountain Calculations

SureMountain will undertake a number of important calculations to ensure that insulation materials used under slabs, screeds and chipboard are capable of accommodating the applied loads with the minimum of compression. The SureMountain designer will consider the dynamic loads and how they will be specifically applied during the project.


SureMountain understand how vitally important it is that the insulation material has sufficient compression resistance. The design solution implemented by SureMountain should restrict the effects of the compressive load.


As part of the analysis and design phase SureMountain takes into consideration the high number of variables that can significantly affect the U-value for a particular set of conditions. Typically a vapour control layer forms part of the normal specifications for most ground floor constructions, however SureMountain may specify a vapour control layer between the insulation and a chipboard floor.

Thermal Bridges

Thermal bridges with these type of insulation solutions can deliver an unwanted level of heat loss and they may also cause localised condensation and mould growth. SureMountain’s expertise within insulation design and planning, mean we are able to reduce the impact of thermal bridging and maximise energy efficiency.



SureMountain works closely with flooring contractors as well as other specialist organisations who install underfloor heating.


Effective insulation is of paramount importance to underfloor heating solutions. Rigid insulation boards can be used for plumbing purposes and for the function of floor insulation.


Exposed Soffit Floors

Many SureMountain clients perceive that all of the rooms located above exposed upper floors will be cold; however this is not necessarily the case. Exposed upper floors actually have the capability to achieve very high levels of thermal insulation.


The SureMountain design and planning team have a choice of positions for the insulation. In concrete floors scenarios, the insulation can be installed above or below the floor and when implementing a solution for timber joist floors, the insulation can be installed between the joists.

In circumstances where the insulation is above the structural floor, this reduces the thermal mass of the floor and therefore warms the room up very fast. However, if, as part of the construction design only part of the floor on that storey is exposed there may be issues when steps are installed between the finished floor levels.


When insulating between timber joists, SureMountain typically specifies that the whole depth of the joist can be utilised as an insulation zone.


Specific Additional Requirements

SureMountain take into consideration specific additional requirements when calculating the U-values for elements that are adjacent to unheated spaces. Given that insulation can be positioned above or below the concrete floor, SureMountain design with care to minimise air leakage. The floor perimeter should be appropriately sealed to avoid mass air leakage.



Weather Resistant

SureMountain often specify that the soffits of exposed floors are finished with a weather resistant finish to maximise efficiency. Although the installation is not exposed to direct driving rain, SureMountain is acutely aware that wind turbulence can result in wind-driven drains being blown up onto soffits so a safe and secure solution is required.



Separating Floors

SureMountain may specify mineral wool products for insulation within separating floors because they offer substantial advantages when used as both a sound absorbent and a resilient thermal insulation layer in floors. Mineral wool offers exceptional sound absorption characteristics, which consequently make it ideal for use in modern buildings that need to comply with specific Building Regulations.


SureMountain often implements this solution within our projects because it minimises the overall mass of the construction and therefore eases construction processes.


Floor Support

The overwhelming concerns SureMountain has when designing internal floor insulation systems is to ensure that the floor can support the dead and live loads. Given our extensive expertise within this area we are always able to deliver a client specific solution which offers exceptional energy efficiency.


Whilst thermal insulation is not generally a regulatory requirement of floors, SureMountain finds that it can be a desirable solution in many circumstances.


SureMountain recognises that the expected sound performance of floor insulation can only work effectively if the surrounding walls and supporting insulation delivers similar results. Our service delivery system is structured to deliver a range of insulation services, which maximise the efficiency of our client’s property regardless of whether it is a new build construction or retrofit application. Our goals are to implement effective, sustainable and energy efficient solutions which improve property functionality.


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