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New Build Projects


New Build Solutions For Multiple Properties

A Leader In Construction


SureMountain is a leader in construction with sector-leading sustainable policies, strategies and credentials. We go further than traditional design-and-build by integrating every stage of design, finance, construction, maintenance and service.


Our construction capabilities interlink with our other extensive solutions so we can optimise the whole life costs for new properties and infrastructure, thus delivering exceptional value for our customers.


Our involvement with a client can be for many years after the construction has been completed, so we share our customers’ interest in ensuring optimum lifestyle advantages throughout.

In House Expertise

Our in-house team, which is inclusive of many experts in project management are able to deliver integrated solutions for buildings and infrastructure.


Together with our in house technical experts as well as commercial and financing professionals, our project team offer the best technologies in construction for the most challenging projects.


Not Just Homes

Our new builds aren’t just homes. We undertake all kinds of new construction projects, including alterations to schools, public buildings, restaurants, childrens’ nurseries, hotels and every other type of domestic or commercial property you can think of.


Our team adapt to each scenario and deliver client specific solutions that include the latest emerging technologies.


Sector Solutions

SureMountain complete new build projects for many different properties.

Domestic Dwellings

Domestic Dwellings

Residential Refurbishments

Residential Refurbishments

Domestic Extensions

Domestic Extensions

Period Properties

Period Properties

Barn Conversions

Barn Conversions

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Already Have Plans?

If you’ve already worked with an architect and have plans for your new property, SureMountain will give you a free estimate for the project, including a detailed bill of quantities outlining every separate item of work required. Get in touch with us today.


Alternatively if you’ve just got ideas, or even notes on the back of an envelope, our in-house support team can work with you with a solution that fits your lifestyle and your budget.


Service Delivery

Our service delivery system ensures that the design and planning of your solution is of the highest industry standards, meeting both regulatory requirements and client specific needs.


Sustainable Construction

SureMountain take sustainability seriously and embrace the preservation of the environment with all our construction practices. We understand critical development-related issues such as the efficient use of resources, continual social progress, stable economic growth and the eradication of poverty when developing sustainably.


SureMountain aim to meet present day needs for housing, working environments and infrastructure without compromising the future. Our focus is to make sustainable construction easier to understand, evaluate and apply so clients and those within the wider community understand the necessity of the process.

Innovation & Transferability

We recognise that out projects must demonstrate innovative approaches to sustainable development and exploring new disciplinary frontiers. Any breakthroughs that we discover on one property construction must be transferable to a range of other applications.


SureMountain is focused on the delivery of:


  • Innovative design and the integration of materials and construction methods.
  • Implementing appropriate construction technologies and building processes to enhance operations and maintenance.
  • Architecture advancements and other fields involved in the production of the built environment.
  • Monitoring for the long term to evaluate whether expectations have been achieved.
  • Disseminating knowledge to relevant parties by way of, project documentation, education and training.


Integrated Approach

Our diverse business streams and integrated services enable us to provide investment for ambitious projects. SureMountain offers an integrated solution that draws on our wider expertise to offer a complete package which includes investment, construction and facilities management services.


This integrated approach is also used to operate and manage commercial facilities such as police stations and custodial properties using long-term partnerships with like-minded service organisations.

Cohesive Solutions

Not only do SureMountain construct new properties but we also help our clients manage the property with effective maintenance packages and facilities management. As part of each project we implement key principles to maximise efficiency including lean construction and offer appropriate energy saving solutions including insulation and lighting.


Construction Management

We partner with our clients, acting in their best interests and managing every element of the project from design to cost analysis and commissioning. See how flexibility and consistency can maximise your profitability.


Project Management

Our project team combine a tried & trusted methodology with invaluable sector-specific insight, to smoothly manage many complex challenges presented by major fit-out works and large scale construction projects.


Lean Construction

SureMountain combine expert operational research and practical development in design and construction. See how we manage and improve the construction process, while reducing costs and maximising value.


Partnering Projects

Partnering is an increasingly popular procurement method for construction projects. SureMountain partner with other organisations to form a strategic alliance for developments. See more on our partnering project solutions.


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