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SureMountain Logo Construction, Fit Outs & Energy Saving

Environmental Approach

The SureMountain environmental approach is characterised by an awareness and appreciation for managing our resources as well as minimising operational impact by reducing emissions and waste.









SureMountain Approach


Continued Client Success

Our vision is first and foremost about the continued success of our clients, however this success is achieved through a well-rounded environmental approach. We work collaboratively with our partners and innovate, bringing new technologies to new construction and optimising the existing infrastructure with appropriate environmental design.


By focusing on sustainable innovation our business will be competitive and thrive.


Infrastructure businesses today are facing many challenges, including resource scarcity, urbanisation, population growth, ecological decline and climate change. However, these challenges are also opportunities for SureMountain.


We see change as both inevitable and positive as it brings about not only environmental benefits but also monetary advantages for people.

Sustainable Innovation

We are responding to these challenges with imagination and agility, supporting the enduring success of our clients in a rapidly changing social and physical context.


There are 3 main areas we have identified for sustainable innovation and they include:


New Products


Operational Efficiency


Social Performance

Multifaceted Strategy

Our approach is built on leadership, knowledge sharing, collaboration and engagement,.

It’s an approach that doesn’t just depend on our employees, we work closely with our supply chain and our clients, who continue to be the ultimate beneficiaries of our innovations.


Working Together

Working alongside our employees, our clients, governments and other parties to build a business for the long term.


To fulfil our vision and build a sustainable businesses for SureMountain and our clients we need to address two types of challenges:


  • Those that face the world as a whole.
  • Particular challenges for our business.


A sustainable world faces challenges associated with community cohesion, climate change, energy, transport growth, urbanisation, deforestation and access to natural resources.


Our business challenges are associated with delivering sustainable projects, ethics and compliance, client satisfaction, minimising waste, and the continued development of our staff.


The SureMountain approach is to work in partnership with clients and our supply chain to deliver innovations that make a difference to these challenges.


Effective sustainability is vital as we look to build a long term business, that offers positive assets that societies need to function, develop and thrive.




Supply Chain Management


Environmental Focus

SureMountain promote a responsible and proactive approach to the environment and waste at every level of our operations.


We are committed to managing our operations with diligence to minimise potentially adverse effects on the environment and we prioritise the prevention of pollution to air, water and land.


SureMountain aim to achieve the highest standards of environmental protection through continual improvements in environmental performance across every sector of the business.


We take responsibility as whole but individual responsibility is important to SureMountain and we encourage employees to support and apply our environmental policy in their operational activities.

Our Comitment

We will endevour to do the following:


  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and government policy, and the environmental requirements of our clients.
  • Assess the actual and potential impacts of our activities on the environment.
  • Adopt industry best practice to develop management processes and operational procedures that prevent pollution, minimise waste generation and maximise the efficient use of resources.
  • Enhance communication with employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and all interested parties regarding our environmental performance, objectives and targets.
  • For a more detailed understanding of our environmental approach, see our environmental policy.


Monitoring Performance

We monitor environmental performance against in-house targets and industry standards. SureMountain focus heavily on best practice to enhance the overall value and reputation of our organisation.


Environmentally friendly solutions from SureMountain.

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