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Partnering Projects


Agreed Procedures

Partnering is an increasingly popular procurement method for construction projects. This practical approach to construction is often part of the construction projects undertaken by SureMountain.


Partnering agreements are drawn up at an early stage, setting out agreed procedures and related issues to maximise efficiency and the best collaborative approach for success. SureMountain is an open, team orientated organisation and we see partnering projects as an important mechanism to effective construction.


It is no secret that problems in the construction industry can quickly escalate into difficult conflicts; where adversarial situations can easily occur. Projects can routinely lead to disrupted schedules and costly litigation but it doesn’t have to be that way if the right collaborative approach is instigated in the first instance.

Quality & Value For Money

By bringing together the strongest teams from the public and private sector, SureMountain’s rapidly deployed, performance managed and collaborative approach delivers value for money and quality solutions whilst stimulating local growth and community benefits.


 Improving Relationships

Partnering projects in the construction Industry provide improve working relationships among contractors, designers, clients, and suppliers. By working closely together, towards common goals you can avoid conflict and ensure successful, on-time project deliverables. Inside SureMountain we promote teamwork and establish noncontract ground rules for ethical and responsible behaviour. Furthermore we deploy a number of conflict-resolution techniques.


SureMountain work through a number of steps, procedures and guidelines to make project partnering work effectively. We have procedures in place to identify possible sources of conflict before the work begins and plan a project partnering charter to suit each scenario. Given our experience, we understand the commonly encountered problem-types and avoid disputes that may arise from incompatible personalities and management styles.


Collaborative Approach

Partnering projects rely on a collaborative management approach that encourages openness and trust between parties. We recognise the dependence that is required to manage projects and this requires a change in culture, attitude and procedures throughout the supply chain in some instances.


SureMountain has the agility to respond to your requirements and has created frameworks that improve processes and enable you to direct money to services and not on time-consuming procurement.

Achieving Partnering Success

To achieving partnering success requires continual benchmarking, target setting, analysis and adaptation.





One Off or Long Term

SureMountain may undertake a one off partnering project or a long-term relationship over a number of projects, which could be part of a framework agreement.


We welcome longer contracts, given the greater benefit of partnering to build closer working relationships. Longer relationships develop continuous improvements and help with investment planning. These longer term relationships are seen as strategic partnering opportunities for SureMountain and are in line with our own development objectives.

One Off


Long Term


Mutual Benefit

Successful partnering projects should enable the long-term integration of the project team and therefore instigate a mutual benefit that works for all parties. It is crucial that SureMountain choose the right partners and so any arrangements we pursue are conserved carefully before proceeding. We feel it is necessary for our partner’s commercial objectives and culture to be aligned with that of SureMountain. All resources should be optimised and risks mitigated.


Partnering projects require both expertise and commitment from the client to set up and manage the process effectively. A traditional contract can be utilised or a separate partnering agreement is introduced. Projects are clearly unique in many ways so it maybe pertinent to enter into a two-party or multi-party arrangement.


Service Delivery

Our service delivery system ensures that the design and planning of your solution is of the highest industry standards, meeting both regulatory requirements and client specific needs.


Contract Setup

Contracts are often arranged on a cost-reimbursable, target-cost, open-book basis including both incentives, and penalties. Contracts are discussed in detail and implemented within the project management guidelines. SureMountain is integrate problem resolution procedures based on solutions not blame and procedures will be in place to ensure continuous improvement.


Whilst there are clear benefits to partnering, there can be risks that partnering becomes irrelevant unless the supply chain buys into the process. Cosy inefficient relationships can hinder productive development so a fully systematic solution is required. Large partnering contracts from SureMountain include smaller specialist companies as well as larger organisations to ensure that innovative practices are not ignored.


Strength and Stability

SureMountain has the strength and stability to undertake ambitious projects, as well as the in-house capabilities to tackle everything from technical design to facilities management.

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