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Bold Strategic Decisions

SureMountain make bold strategic decisions and deliver precise, detailed plans to reflect today’s rapidly changing global economy. We help organisations and individuals to move quickly and take advantage of new opportunities, drive growth and harness innovation.


Balanced KPI’s

We focus on growth in mature and developing markets and create assets that support communities and our clients. SureMountain measure strategic progress through a balanced set of key performance indicators that are both financial and non-financial to help guide our thinking and development at every stage.


SureMountain aim to be a world-class, customer focused company that invests in, builds, maintains and renews the places where we live, work and play. Our strategy is derived from our mission to make tomorrow a better place and our vision to be the leader in delivering integrated solutions for infrastructure, buildings and services.

Cost Savings








Long Term Growth

SureMountain is focused on strategies that offer long- term growth in our core markets with a mid-term strategy is to strengthen the business in other specific geographies.


Our long term strategy is to continue to strengthen our presence in economic infrastructure sectors and enhance the level of diversification. In order to achieve these targets, SureMountain prioritises resources that will deliver a more focused and structured platform.

Strategy-Long Term Growth

Strengthening Our Core Business

SureMountain prioritise resources on our biggest and most profitable sectors, so we are able to offer continuous innovations and investment in the areas which deliver growth.


Improve Operational Performance

Through recognising the macroeconomic conditions, we are able to focus on generating efficiencies across all our operational areas and back office support functions.


Creating a Cost Savings Culture

SureMountain offer a range of services, which deliver effective cost saving measures for our clients and as such we see it as crucially important that our culture is also one which is efficient. We have therefore taken significant steps to accelerate applicable cost savings measures and to create a more cost focused progressive culture.



Innovation has always been and will continue to be an integral part of the SureMountain strategy. To consistently compete across global boundaries and to reliably offer high quality solutions SureMountain must innovative and adapt. We must strive to assess both incremental product improvements and discontinuous innovations.


Leadership In Values & Behaviour

To be recognised as a global leader in construction and infrastructure solutions, we continue to focus on securing a sustainable, long term future and providing a legacy to the communities in which we serve. We recognise the importance of business ethics, talent management, safety and the environment.


Delivering Great Value

Our experience across construction, infrastructure and energy saving solutions allows us to understand our clients’ own strategic objectives and thus we can create and maintain solutions to support these objectives. Strategic, value based business solutions are the aim for our broad service portfolio.



Sustainability is both a function and a cultural requirement of SureMountain. Regardless of which particular service we are offer, sustainability will always be at the core of our operations.


Degradation of the global environment and the depletion of natural resources are very important issues, which SureMountain take very seriously.


Sustainable Profitable Growth

Our strategy is to achieve sustainable, profitable growth by:


  • Providing a selective high-quality construction capability.
  • Achieving exceptional performance and efficiency.
  • Providing sector-leading customer experience for clients.
  • Ensuring the business is supported by investment in technology and back-office systems.
  • Operating a safe sustainable business.
  • Investing in our people, attracting and retaining highly motivated individuals.
  • Building long-term, trusted partnerships.
  • Transferring knowledge and skills to new and existing markets so we can expand our services and infrastructure activities.

Safe Working Environment

Providing a safe working environment for all our people and ensuring the safety of those who work with us or are affected by what we do, is our first priority and fundamental to our wider responsibility of delivering sustainable solutions for our customers that create positive impacts on the environment and on the communities in which we operate.


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