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Maintenance Contracts


Defined Programme

Our repair and maintenance contracts are typically designed for use on projects that involve a defined programme of repair and maintenance works. The contracts we devise are specific to public sector, Industrial, Commercial, SME or residential. There is no one size fits all contract solution from SureMountain.


This solution from SureMountain is therefore an alternative to the multi-national compliance suppliers. We offer a bespoke tailored solution, delivering a personable service at a realistically affordable cost. We provide a high quality service without the hassle of onerous long term contracts, removing the need for extensive and unproductive approved supplier lists.


It is your choice whether you choose a comprehensive reactive maintenance contract or a planned maintenance contract or a combination of the two.

Planned & Reactive Maintenance

It is your choice whether you choose a comprehensive reactive maintenance contract, a planned maintenance contract or a combination of the two.

Reactive Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

In Partnership

SureMountain are happy to discuss your long term requirements and work in partnership with you to maintain safe and reliable property solution. Our tailored property maintenance contacts are always in line with your business needs and budget.


SureMountain’s building maintenance programs often include a combination of testing, repair and preventative maintenance. With decades of experience in construction, maintenance and effective property solutions you can’t go wrong with SureMountain.


Our highly skilled team understand the complexities of large properties such as schools, colleges and hospitals as well as the many private businesses who have varying property requirements.


Sector Experieince










Save Money

The primary objectives that make building maintenance contracts a necessity is to save money long term and avoid unnecessary costs. Call out costs and parts for broken machinery can be avoided with a planned maintenance programme. Whether it’s an air conditioning unit or a boiler they both need to be maintained to maximise their life span, enhance efficiency and ensure operational safety.


Not sure what maintenance contract would work for your property? SureMountain will take your particular requirements seriously and are more than happy to advise on the options that are available. We assess the size, profile and type of premises as well as the condition of the equipment, power systems and other operational items. Nothing is overlooked in order to give you the most realistic appraisal and subsequent maintenance plan for your property.


So whether a ‘back to basics’ solution, an ‘all inclusive’ contract or something in the middle is required, our friendly team will make sure you know the best option.



The equipment you use everyday is a huge component of your business, so any downtime is massively detrimental to the profitability of your business. SureMountain can devise a structured maintenance program, which allows you to rest assured that the normal wear and tear of your equipment will not affect your business. It is critical that you stay up to date with the maintenance of your equipment in order to avoid failure and damaging breakdowns.


From 24-7 support to a host of other options, we will help you keep your costs down and provide quality service where engineers turn up on time and deliver effective solutions. There are no hidden charges or extras, we like transparency, so SureMountain will give you’re the facts from the outset.


The options in our maintenance contract include but are not limited to the following:


  • 24-7 Support.
  • Property Surveys.
  • Bespoke Maintenance Programmes.
  • Planned Maintenance.
  • Reactive Maintenance.
  • Condition Reports.
  • General Building Work.
  • Plumbing.
  • Electrical.
  • Carpentry.
  • Painting & Decorating.
  • General Maintenance.


If you have a project or development get in touch with SureMountain!

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