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Energy Conservation


Facing Challenges

We understand the challenges faced by modern organisations and are able to deliver solutions related to energy savings, carbon emission reductions, water conservation and waste management.









Service Details

See more on our range of energy conservation services including surveys, audits, lighting and environmental risk management as well as how we help clients with grants and incentives.

Internal Structure

See more on our comprehensive and detailed internal operations and structure, the principles that guide our success, career opportunities and the views of our broad range of satisfied clients.


Smarter Thinking

The SureMountain energy conservation process offers a range of benefits including cost savings and a smarter, different way of thinking.


Modern organisations and residential home owners need to know how resources are used and the effect this has on operations and supply chains, so they can fully understand the associated risks and opportunities.


Many of our clients consistently request appropriate guidance on the energy conservation options available. We know the solutions and can help you plan for an energy efficient future.

Energy Conservation Services

Energy Consultancy

Our energy consultancy services aim to help you to become resource efficient . Our clients recognise that the breadth of capabilities from SureMountain can help them prepare and adapt to the challenges.


Energy Audits and Surveys

SureMountain undertake energy audits and surveys on properties from anything as small as a local office unit to international multi-site operations to minimise waste and identify opportunities for improvements.


Environmental Risk Management

SureMountain help organisations with environmental risk management, which is essential as they strive to manage their operational impact from a corporate responsibility and sustainability standpoint.


Energy Metering

SureMountain install Smart Meters, which help you keep track of the energy you use in your home or commercial property. Update your property with the next generation meter.


Energy Saving Lighting

Energy saving lighting is one of the most logical solutions for improving the energy efficiency of a building. SureMountain offer a range of residential and commercial lighting solutions.


Lighting Design

Lighting design is often a vital process when implementing the right lighting solution to enhance energy efficiency for commercial and domestic properties and to maximise natural light.


Energy Performance Certificates

SureMountain provide energy performance evaluations to document a property’s current energy efficiency and supply information on appropriate energy efficiency improvements.


Energy Saving Grants and Support

SureMountain guide domestic and commercial clients with the many grants and initiatives in place to support investment in suitable technologies and energy efficient measures.


Better Energy Home Scheme

The better energy home scheme is a financing initiative open to households and commercial operators in Ireland. SureMountain support clients with the applications, processes and solutions.


Complimentary Services

SureMountain compliment our construction services to ensure clients receive integrated proposals.

Sector Solutions

SureMountain offer solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.







Our Service Commitment



On Time


Internal Structure

The operations of SureMountain are in-depth and detailed to ensure effective results. Our service delivery and strategy are comprehensive, while our internal team are experienced in a range of service sectors.


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From the largest of manufacturing plants and national headquarters to warehouses, office units and residential properties. SureMountain deliver projects based on exact client specifications.


See more on our completed projects.

Policies & Process

SureMountain operate in an ethical and socially responsible way by implementing a range of policies that offer consistency to our operations. From leadership and governance to health and safety, we have it covered.

Policies & Process

See more on the SureMountain policies and processes.

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