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SureMountain offer a range of services associated with construction, property maintenance and energy conservation.

Fit Outs

We offer fully integrated fit out services for new build and retro fit applications. This includes domestic properties as well as office refurbishments, retail and other commercial properties.


Procurement Advice

SureMountain provide practical advice on all aspects of construction procurement  from products to contracts and methods to deliver appropriate technological guidance.


Exact Services

See more on our exact services including lean construction, project management, property maintenance and specific energy conservation solutions.

Internal Structure

See more on our internal structure, the principles that guide our success, career opportunities and the views of our broad range of clients.

Service Delivery

Our service delivery system ensures that the design and planning of your solution is of the highest industry standards, meeting both regulatory requirements and client specific needs.


Sector Solutions

SureMountain offer solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.







Exact Services

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A Leader In Construction

SureMountain is a leader in construction with sector-leading sustainable policies, strategies and credentials. We go further than traditional design-and-build by integrating every stage of design, finance, construction, maintenance and service.


Our construction capabilities interlink with our other extensive solutions so we can optimise the whole life costs for new properties and infrastructure, thus delivering exceptional value for our customers.

Construction Management

We partner with our clients, acting in their best interests and managing every element of the project from design to cost analysis and commissioning. See how flexibility and consistency can maximise your profitability.


Project Management

Our project team combine a tried & trusted methodology with invaluable sector-specific insight, to smoothly manage many complex challenges presented by major fit-out works and large scale construction projects.


Lean Construction

SureMountain combine expert operational research and practical development in design and construction. See how we manage and improve the construction process, while reducing costs and maximising value.


Partnering Projects

Partnering is an increasingly popular procurement method for construction projects. SureMountain partner with other organisations to form a strategic alliance for developments. See more on our partnering project solutions.


Cohesive Solutions

Not only do SureMountain construct new properties but we also help our clients manage the property with effective maintenance packages and facilities management. As part of each project we implement key principles to maximise efficiency including lean construction and offer appropriate energy saving solutions including insulation and lighting.


Building Management

We take pride in our customers’ estates to ensure they are running efficiently. Whether it is unblocking a toilet, painting skirting boards or fixing a boiler, SureMountain has the right system for your property portfolio or single property.


It is essential that statutory compliance is upheld through technical maintenance tasks including lighting and other electrical work, heating and cooling systems and building regulation compliance. Our technical capabilities include mechanical and electrical, fabric, water/fire and security.


Our expertise in environment management is critical to today’s market and we invest heavily in appropriate systems that optimise equipment resilience and preventative measures. Our customers put their trust in us to mitigate downtime and maximise their property’s efficiency.


Planned & Reactive Maintenance

It is your choice whether you choose a comprehensive reactive maintenance contract, a planned maintenance contract or a combination of the two.

Reactive Maintenance

Planned Maintenance


Energy Audits

An energy audit will provide you with an impartial, expert assessment of how energy is used in your premises. SureMountain undertake these audits in combination with our energy consultancy, environmental risk management, energy metering, energy saving lighting and other energy conservation services to ensure the correct solutions are proposed.


Typical areas the audit will assess include but not limited to the following:


  • The type of lighting used in the premises and if more energy efficient alternatives are available.
  • How heating and cooling systems are managed, reviewing settings and control types.
  • Insulation levels to see where heat loss could be reduced.
  • The type of energy used to run the premises, and if cheaper or lower carbon fuels or renewables are appropriate.
  • How equipment and machinery is used, and if savings can be made through more efficient operations.


Energy Audit Analysis

Building Fabrication
Water Use
Electrical Systems
Monitoring Systems

Internal Insulation


External Insulation


Our Service Commitment



On Time


Internal Structure

The operations of SureMountain are in-depth and detailed to ensure effective results. Our service delivery and strategy are comprehensive, while our internal team are experienced in a range of service sectors.


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From the largest of manufacturing plants and national headquarters to warehouses, office units and residential properties. SureMountain deliver projects based on exact client specifications.


See more on our completed projects.

Policies & Process

SureMountain operate in an ethical and socially responsible way by implementing a range of policies that offer consistency to our operations. From leadership and governance to health and safety, we have it covered.

Policies & Process

See more on the SureMountain policies and processes.

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