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Social Responsibility

SureMountain places a strong emphasis on our responsibilities to clients, their communities and the part we play in building a sustainable future for us all.

Building A Sustainable Future

Since the company’s foundation we have conducted our business with the highest levels of integrity at all times. We believe that it is this ethical conduct that has brought us to where we are today.


Our goal at SureMountain is to run a responsible business, maximising sustainable construction and going beyond requirements. We lead by example while also protecting and enhancing our stakeholders needs.


SureMountain social responsibility revolves around maximising the benefits and minimising the drawbacks. Our aim is to be perceived as a good corporate citizen and to be recognised as an environmentally responsible business. Safety, Sustainability, Efficiency and Quality are the key components in all projects undertaken by SureMountain.


We stay true to our social and environmental responsibilities while maintaining a sound economic approach for all our stakeholders.

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Voluntary Actions

SureMountain social responsibility policies are voluntary actions we take, over and above compliance with minimum legal requirements, to address both our own competitive interests and the interests of wider society.


Facing Challenges

We understand the challenges faced by modern organisations and are able to deliver solutions related to energy savings, carbon emission reductions, water conservation and waste management.










SureMountain recognises the importance of conducting business in a socially responsible manner and these characteristics are demonstrated in the way we deal with our employees, customers and the wider community. SureMountain incorporates social responsibility within good business management and the technical competencies of the wider organisation.



We measure all areas of our company that impact on our employees as stakeholders in our business. This includes issues such as equal opportunities, health and safety, training and lifelong learning as well as how employees are able to balance work and life. We keep stakeholders informed of through team working and our intranet communications.


Socially Responsible Vision

 “To establish a leading position in providing ethical, renewable and affordable solutions to various service sectors.”


Delivering The Vision

To deliver on this sustainable vision SureMountain will:


  • Incorporate sustainability into the vision and values of the organisation.
  • Invest in research and development to better understand our markets.
  • Improve operational performance by continuously measuring sustainability and reviewing progress regularly.
  • Exceed applicable legal and policy requirements related to the environmental and social responsibility.
  • Optimise the usage of energy and raw materials.
  • Continually monitor sustainability performance and actively communicate progress through effective reporting structures.
  • Communicate and actively promote social responsibility policies to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensure employees are given adequate training in social responsibility and sustainability so they can be adequately involved in the direction of the company.


Advancing The Vision

SureMountain has a strategy for advancing our vision and we aim to:


  • Deliver business activities that offer many simultaneous economic, social and environmental benefits to the wider community.
  • Work in partnership with all stakeholders.
  • Encourage innovative approaches and best practice throughout all of our activities.
  • Ensure we have excellent minimum levels of performance in health & safety, environment policy and equal opportunities.
  • Encourage increased awareness and discuss policy openly within the company.

Sustainable Future Policy

To achieve our goals we have developed SureMountain Sustainable Future Policy which covers six areas: Environment, Health & Safety, Community, Competitiveness, Supply Chain and Workplace.


Click on each area to see more information.


SureMountain aims to provide support, guidance and a flexible framework which encourages the protection of our environment. To assist with effective environmental strategies, we support innovation and sustainability.


SureMountain believes it is our responsibility to enhance environmental awareness by motivating and educating our employees and customers. We encourage a philosophy of environmental responsibility in all aspects of our core services and products. See more on our broad environmental approach.


Internal Aspirations


  • Increase environmental knowledge through our employees and stakeholders to motivate them to behave in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Give management the capabilities to make these aspirations occur.

External Goals

  • Giving clients the knowledge they need to make sound environmental decisions.
  • Sharing information, which may be appropriate to external stakeholders and clients.

Sticking To Our Targets

  • Reviewing environmental strategy in order to maintain a positive viewpoint.
  • Learn from the implementation of tactics used by other companies.
  • Integrating environmental awareness in planning, marketing, employee communications and training.
  • Monitoring on a continual basis.

Pollution Reduction & Minimising Waste

We aim to ensure a good level of awareness in waste, pollution, manufacturing and transportation by considering the following:


  • Proactive measures to reduce and prevent unnecessary pollution.
  • Identifying and managing excessive energy consumption.
  • The management of our operations and physical assets in an environmentally responsible way.


Health & Safety

SureMountain recognises so far as is reasonably practicable the duty to ensure the following:


  • To provide and maintain a safe place of work, safe systems of work, safe equipment and a healthy and safe working environment.
  • To ensure that hazards are identified and regular assessments of risks are undertaken.
  • To provide information, instruction and training as necessary to ensure employees and others are assured of the safe and healthy working environment.
  • Promoting the awareness of health and safety and encouraging best practice throughout our organisation.
  • To ensure we are taking the appropriate protective and preventative measures.
  • To ensure that we have access to competent advice and are able to secure compliance with our statutory duties.


See more on our comprehensive health and safety approach.


Continual economic regeneration is a key aspect to reversing the consistently unacceptable problems of our most deprived areas. Issues can arise with new market opportunities, developing careers, job creation or improving our service levels.


Investment in deprived areas can bring benefits to all companies alike and to the wider community. SureMountain believes that real business involvement is essential to turn around deprived areas and build strong and healthy communities.


Building a strong relationship between us and the community is important. These links have been forged through various programs and SureMountain actively promotes local community interaction, including:


  • Supporting local sport.
  • Supporting local educational initiatives.
  • Contributing to a variety of good causes.



We encourage responsible business practices that deliver success to help secure a better quality of life for everyone.


SureMountain assesses the wider range of stakeholder interests to ensure a strategic direction that is competitively viable. We work hard to understand the potential risks and opportunities for the business, while offering wider social and environmental gains.


Emphasis is placed on a number of key issues and how they can be managed to help improve key relationships with employees, clients and other stakeholders.

Supply Chain

Given the potentially large environmental impact of our raw materials, it is important to manage the supply chain in a sustainable way.


We engage with our supply chain including logistics and distribution to bring about lasting and positive change. SureMountain also works with the supply chain on important issues such as site waste, recycling, packaging and logistical requirements.


SureMountain has many long-standing relationships within our supplier network and endeavours to operate in partnership with our suppliers to help them work towards far-reaching sustainability policies.



Employees are one of the key stakeholders for any business and nothing is different with SureMountain. Many employees expect companies to demonstrate a positive social responsibility record through progressive employment practices as well as through their organisational behaviour and we do so.


SureMountain engages with the wider society in which we operate and tackles issues of concern to our workforce. The one thing, which unites the SureMountain Team, is the need to attract and retain the best people.


Developing a close working relationship between employer and employees is the key to developing trust and longevity. We have created an environment where employee contributions are valued, providing the ideal circumstances for each individual to achieve their full potential.


See more on careers with SureMountain.


We encourage our employees to provide feedback to our organisation through the following parameters:


  • Quality.
  • Managerial Competency.
  • Training and Development.
  • Performance Structures.
  • Job Satisfaction. /li>

Workplace Diversity

We are continually working on ways to improve the profile of our workforce diversity as an Equal Opportunities employer. We wish to foster a working environment in which employees are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect. The opportunities available are based solely on ability and skills. Equality within the workplace also means treating people as we would want to be treated ourselves.


Our equal opportunities objectives include the following:


  • The development of skills regardless of sex, marital status, ethnic or national origin, nationality, colour, race, religious belief, political opinion, spent convictions, disability, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, age, part-time working or any other non-job related consideration.
  • To appoint and promote people based only on merit.
  • To make sure all employees have equal opportunity to develop and progress within SureMountain.
  • To ensure that no-one’s conditions of employment, contracting and pay discriminates against them.
  • To comply with employment law relating to equal opportunities.


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