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Service Delivery

Our service delivery system ensures that the design and planning of your solution is of the highest industry standards, meeting both regulatory requirements and client specific needs.

Customer Care

SureMountain is proud of its reputation for customer care, with an enviable portfolio of clients in many different industry sectors. We are well placed to offer the level of technical expertise and service focus required to deliver our comprehensive services.


No matter how complex the client or architectural requirements, SureMountain has the skills and capabilities to meet the exact specifications.


Practical Advice

SureMountain’s practical advice provides clarity to clients requirements by applying a detailed understanding of regulations and the markets we operate in.


Too often, orgnaisations make the error of considering the solutions from one standpoint or they consider a narrow judgement on service provision. SureMountain’s different approach is focused on combining technical, commercial, planning and policy expertise.


Our clients make informed decisions that are based on our extensive internal expertise and take decisive action steps after following our extensive service process.


We Support Various Clients

SureMountain assists public and private sector clients, as well as small businesses, corporate clients and the homeowner.







Global Experience

Our global experience enables us to deliver strategies from concept to realisation by understanding the specific goals and constraints of each client. With this knowledge SureMountain is able to achieve tangible value for all our clients.


Assess Our Service Process


The Service Process

This may vary depending on the client and project but is sufficient guidance on the service you will receive from SureMountain.

Tendering Negotiation

If tendering is part of the project SureMountain work with the specified process to comply with our client’s own procurement policies and processes.


This typically culminates in a report, which presents a comprehensive, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of how SureMountain can support you with your objectives.


For general enquiries, we also work through exact processes as specified by our clients.

Finding Clarity

Upon winning a tendering process SureMountain delve further into our client’s requirements using specific analytical skills to bring focus to strategies and programmes.


We demystify the client specifications and apply detailed data analysis to answer the individual aims of the project, business or market sector.

Realistic Analysis

SureMountain introduces a level of accuracy to targets and plans by undertaking audits, assessments and other analysis.


We set highly precise baselines so clients have specifically defined goals to examine the feasibility and track progress throughout the project.


We monitor global supply-chain emissions to bring our reporting in line with the correct protocols.


SureMountain delivers flexibility with all proposals by selecting a short list of solutions that can have the best impact based on the brief.


We also support clients with contractual negotiations where necessary depending on the required solutions.

Investment Appraisal

SureMountain believes that the secret to efficiency and sustainability is investing in the right solutions at the correct time, when they are most effective.


All too often, the focus is on ineffective processes or clients are poorly advised throughout the complete project solution. SureMountain delivers realistic targets for all projects we manage.

Risk Policy Development

SureMountain supports clients in how their corporate objectives translate into a consistent strategies.


This strategic direction is added to a formal risk policy and the documented framework can then be used to manage the procurement strategy.


For larger clients SureMountain can work with you to create a formal risk board, where the risk policy is discussed with stakeholders to exercise corporate governance over the execution of the agreed procurement strategy.

Setting Strategies

SureMountain will form a realistic perspective of the client’s requirements to develop a clear and practical direction. We use high-level thinking gleaned from our real-world expertise in infrastructure and dynamic project management services.


We draw on our current knowledge in carbon measurement and mitigation to the applicable sectors whether that is commercial, industrial or residential.

Procurement Strategy

SureMountain will help to define the corporate purchasing objectives and create a governance framework. We feel that it is of vital importance that our clients select the correct strategy and management tools to achieve their objectives.


SureMountain supports clients in the selection of the best strategy for sustainability, efficiency and technological advancement where necessary.


We create a structured and holistic process to allow the strategy to change over time as your objectives evolve with changing technological advancements and legislation.


SureMountain monitors the market continuously to assess any potential additions to the project, so that our solutions always remain current.

Programme of Activities

Having selected the appropriate strategy, we determine a programme of activities that will deliver the required outcomes across the organisation.


SureMountain empowers clients to move from strategy to action so that appropriate investment appraisals and measurement models can be applied.


Using our unique consultancy skills with new buildings, retrofitting and design, we are able to implement programmes that are technically and commercially viable.

Aspirations Into Action

SureMountain is able to implement technical ability in the project to translates plans into actionable targets.


Our expertise spans a number of different specialisms including lean construction, energy saving and broad project management skills.


SureMountain’s diverse practical experience enables us to help clients win community acceptance and accomplish legislative compliance, while achieving crucial sustainable objectives.

Portfolio Reporting

Depending on the design of your SureMountain solution, we will issues specific reports relating to various aspects of the project.

Securing Our Future

SureMountain helps organisations and individuals with their project requirements by applying our detailed understanding of the natural world around us and its practical connection to business objectives.


Our aim is to deliver robust solutions across all of our specialisms that are geared towards meeting your needs.

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