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Specialist Procurement Advice

Understanding The Best Options For Procurement


Delivering Better Value


SureMountain provide practical advice on all aspects of construction procurement to help our customers deliver better value solutions and services.


On any construction project it is vitally important to select the right method of procuring the construction works. Not only is it important to choose the right materials and technologies but it is vital that the contract documentation and form of contract is appropriate to the project.


Our procurement advice involves the selection of a contractual framework solutions that clearly identify the structure of responsibilities and authorities for participants within the building process.


Procurement is a key factor in contributing to overall client satisfaction and project success. The selection of the most appropriate procurement method is consequently critical for both clients and project participants.

Client Specific Solutions

Construction clients range from experienced companies who have professional in house teams and an effective procurement policy to the inexperienced client with little or no knowledge of procurement methods. The needs of clients vary considerably with regard to certainty of price, cost limits, time requirements, complexity of design and many other factors.


Our customers include public sector construction clients from central and local government and private sector suppliers including civil engineering contractors and consultants.


The SureMountain procurement services include the following:


  • Advice on the most appropriate procurement method for the project.
  • Contractual advice.
  • Contractor selection advice.
  • Preparation of tender and contract documentation ie. bills of quantities & schedules of rates.
  • Forms of contract.
  • Reviewing tender documents ie. drawings and specifications.


Procurement Sectors

SureMountain offer procurement advice for clients involved with domestic, commercial and industrial construction.








Construction Procurement Systems & Selection

It is vital that clients make the correct choice of construction procurement method as systems become more complex and the choice is more diverse. With a wide range of objective criteria and procurement systems available, it is important that the right procurement method is used to ensure the success of the building project.


A number of different procurement routes and options exist in the construction industry and they include the following:


  • Traditional (Design-bid-build).
  • Design and Build.
  • Management Contracting.
  • Construction Management.
  • Design and Manage.

Service Delivery

Our service delivery system ensures that the design and planning of your solution is of the highest industry standards, meeting both regulatory requirements and client specific needs.


Traditional Procurement System

The traditional procurement system remains by far the most popular method, followed by design and build. The other forms of procurement in aggregate only form a small percentage of construction transactions. The traditional structure for project procurement is seen as a sequential method because the client takes the scheme to an advanced stage with their professional team before appointing a contractor.


The contractor only has responsibility for construction and not for design. Separating responsibilities for design and construction is seen as the primary reason for the move to alternative contractual arrangements. SureMountain is familiar with this procurement structure and will offer suitable guidance on the most effeicient setup for the traditional procurement system.


Design and Build

A design and build contract is a contractual arrangement whereby the contractor offers to design and build a construction project for a contract sum which is inclusive of both the design and construction costs. This solution is very much like a one stop shop, with the responsibility solely resting on the contractor with no other parties involved in decision making.


Design and build is an attractive option for clients because it simplifies the contractual links between the parties for both design and construction. Instead of approaching an architect directly for their design service, they choose to go directly to the contractor to complete all required services. In some instances, the client may choose to retain the services of an architect and quantity surveyor to act as independent professional advisers.


The benefits of design and build contracts for clients include:


  • Single responsibility for both design and construction.
  • The final cost is likely to be more accurate.
  • More buildable designs and proposals are offered typically.
  • Design and construction phases link closer together leading to early completion and therefore savings.


Clients may see less variability and options with this procurement approach and the lack of advice from outside parties may limit the opportunities of the project so SureMountain will offer guidance om the best option for particular clients.

Sustainable Procurement

SureMountain help procurers reduce waste by making sustainable choices when procuring products and services, helping companies to cut costs and meet their social, economic and environmental objectives.


Sustainable procurement embeds environmental, economic and social criteria into contractual documents with the aim of motivating suppliers to offer more sustainable products and services.


We use a number of tools and resources to procure more sustainably and evaluate the sustainability of the supply chain.


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