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Environmental Risk Management


On The Agenda

Environmental risk management is essential for many organisations as they strive to manage their operational impact from a corporate responsibility and sustainability standpoint. Global warming, pollution and greenhouse gases are on the board agenda continually, especially as a result of the regulations and carbon reduction commitments.


Environmental risk management cannot be ignored by many organisations who could be penalised heavily for failing to implement carbon reduction solutions. Typically large corporate organisations and the public sector are required to make some significant changes, however this does not mean that smaller commercial operations do not need environmental risk management solutions.


SureMountain’s expertise with environmental solutions enables us to identify, quantify and manage the environmental risks and liabilities of our clients regardless of their size and or service sector.


Small & Large Organisations

SureMountain work with smaller commercial operations and larger businesses who need to effectively control their environmental strategy for the future benefit of their organisation. Businesses must also play their part in educating employees, while aiming to achieve the appropriate environmental management system standards.





Due Diligence

It is essential that we move towards a cleaner world and this is being encouraged by tighter environmental legislation that is forcing companies to be more responsible. SureMountain help our clients to identify, quantify and manage their environmental risks and liabilities, while also delivering a range of solutions to improve their operational performance.


Non-compliance with existing environmental legislation could cause serious problems with the operations of your organisation. We have seen clients face unexpected liabilities and that were directly attributable to non-compliance with regulations.


We provide a full range of environmental risk due diligence procedures in combination with transaction support services. We also support a number of other clients involved in mergers and acquisitions, property transfers, and other operational requirements.


Monitoring Performance

We support our clients with the monitoring of company performance against in-house targets and industry standards. SureMountain focus heavily on best practice to enhance the overall value and reputation of our client’s organisation.


Strategic Proposals

Environmental compliance and reputational risk is now a fundamentally strategic requirement of many organisations around the world as they realise the value of operating an environmentally responsible business.


SureMountain works closely with clients to improve their environmental performance by determining a strategic direction and business advantage without delivering any costs to the environment.


A Range of Solutions









Training Programmes

We consider appropriate environmental training programmes for our clients and the implementation of environmental management systems. All of this is achieved by carrying out strategic environmental assessments.


Risk Management

SureMountain is heavily focused on risk management strategies for our clients and as such our environmental risk management is a structured to improve the way our clients business functions. It is also of fundamental importance that we support a reduction in environmental impact and support for the well-being of our client’s employees.


SureMountain aims to identify where improvements could be made with their clients operations and provide practical steps to eliminate the risk of environmental damage.


For clients who are experiencing existing pollution issues, we are able to deliver rapid clean-up solutions to problems and will offer appropriate measures to prevent them from occurring again.

 Environmental Incidence Response

For environmental incidents SureMountain offers advice on damage mitigation and remediation methods. We also work closely with environmental agencies and local authorities as well as insurance loss adjusters, solicitors and third parties to support your particular incident.


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