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Quality Control

Quality is one of our core values and a huge factor in the SureMountain strategy, whether through our work on site or with employees, sub-contractors and suppliers.

End to End Quality

We have a quality system that starts with designers and includes quality planning, samples, sub-contractor evaluation, inspection plans and more.


Our site management teams operate the latest software for use in scheduling and programming projects of all sizes to maximise efficiency and accuracy.


SureMountain strive to ensure our finished projects are delivered completely free of defects or snags, therefore offering exceptional quality at all times.


Quality Assurance

Our qualified and experienced personnel plan and perform the systematic steps necessary for a program of quality assurance. The team implement solutions necessary to provide confidence that the facility will perform satisfactorily in service.


This broad context involves continued evaluation of the activities of planning, design, development of plans and specifications, awarding of contracts, construction and the interactions of these activities.

Testing & Assessment

The process involves sampling, testing and the assessment of test results to determine whether or not the solution is of sufficient quality based on the specifications.


Monitoring Design Change

The complexity of the construction planning process must be managed and kept consistent with the actual construction. Day-to-day changes must be noted in project management systems and kept up-to-date. Keeping construction planning dynamic and up-to-date delivers faster service delivery and greater consistency, thus improving quality.


Changes to construction plans are disseminated quickly to the appropriate personnel using our project management software.


We closely monitor how well the management of the design and subsequent changes are functioning.


SureMountain has appropriate procedures for incorporating construction plans and ensures they are well developed and consistently followed.


Internal Processes & Procedures

In order for construction projects to function properly, SureMountain has setup effective internal processes and procedures including the following documentation:


  • Control of Documents.
  • Control of Records.
  • Internal Audits.
  • Control of Nonconforming products (NCRs).
  • Corrective Actions.
  • Preventive Actions.


When implementing a complex project for bigger infrastructure projects like commercial buildings, hotels, schools and airports, a more comprehensive quality management system is required in conjunction with these 6 procedures.

Additional Quality Procedures

So, some of the most common additional procedures/processes that SureMountain may implement to manage the quality of large projects include:


  • Procurement and Logistics Procedure.
  • Codification of Documents and Drawings.
  • Design Procedure.
  • Subcontracting Procedure.
  • Temporary Works Procedure.
  • Management of Plant & Equipment.
  • Handover and Completion Procedure.
  • Inspection and Quality Control Procedure.
  • Surveying Procedure.
  • Material Approvals.
  • Reporting Procedure.
  • Cost Control Procedure.
  • Administration & Correspondence.
  • Calibration Procedure.
  • Assessing Client Satisfaction.
  • Request for Information Procedure.
  • Design Field Change Procedure.
  • Training Procedure.

The list can become very extensive dependant on the project and the contractual requirements. Numerous other procedures for Health and Safety, Environmental Policy and more are typically included within our quality management programme.


Commitment to Quality

We are committed to quality and strive to achieve excellent industry standards for the services we provide.


Our ethos for quality is summarised as follows:

Total Commitment

Process Approach

Constant Evaluation

Continuous Improvement

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