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Lighting Design

Lighting design is a vital element of the process when implementing the right lighting solution to enhance energy efficiency. With extensive experience in lighting for all manner of commercial and domestic clients, we are able to deliver a specification which meets your illumination needs.

More Than Functionality

Our expertise extends to more than simply reducing energy consumption, lighting design can offer more basic functionality, it can generate stunning visual effects and develop a fantastic ambiance.


SureMountain is focused on effective lighting design principles and understands the relationship between materials, colours, textures and light to ensure maximum energy efficiency and environmental awareness.


Our lighting design service aims to lift the mood of occupants, influence behaviour and increase productivity. Without an expert lighting design service none of these advantages are possible.


Property Experience

We have worked with a number of different clients on urban lighting all the way through to specialist property lighting and light art. We place a strong emphasis on lighting schemes that fit harmoniously within a property’s architecture. We also recognise the importance of enhancing the working environment.


Urban Lighting








Assessments & Techniques

SureMountain do comprehensive building assessments and we use specialist lighting techniques to deliver ambient, accent and task lighting to suit each environment.


SureMountain offers an efficient service delivery system and work with our clients, to effectively improve operational performance. Where applicable, we work with clients on broader proposals to enhance their sustainable strategy and specify products and services that may comprehensively improve the building fabric.

 Economic Analysis

Our approach is to offer the best possible lighting solution at the lowest cost through detailed analysis techniques.


We work with clients directly or with your own architects to implement comprehensive proposals and deliver projects within the relevant building regulations.


We feel that it is relevant to show you the specifications and help you visualise what it will look like with high-quality computer simulations.


We also show our clients technical data and energy consumption figures to help the decision-making process. This typically includes the life cycle potential of the proposed lighting design.


New Properties & Refurbishments

SureMountain provides lighting design services for new build applications and retrofit refurbishments as well.

New Build




Comprehensive Understanding

SureMountain understand the lighting requirements our clients need and can assess the space effectively to comprehend how natural illumination will affect the light of a room during the day. We make specifications to improve a room’s additional brightness and how colours and radiance can be combined to create effective results.


Regardless of whether you require decorative or architectural lighting, the SureMountain team can deliver a cost-effective solution to meet project requirements. We offer an efficient schedule, that is within stringent budgets to meet the return on investment objectives.

Room Specific Lighting Design

Meeting Rooms
Factory Floors
Hotel Lobbies

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