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Health & Safety

Prioritising The Well Being Of All


Health & Safety Priority


A top priority for SureMountain is health and safety. Our determination to keep employees safe and healthy is part of our ambition to have a committed, skilled
workforce. We recognise cultural change is necessary and a more proactive approach to find solutions to potential problems before they arise.


We have developed a company-wide health and safety strategy to build a culture that supports our vision to put safety, health and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.


The strategy has four elements:


  • Robust management systems.
  • Leadership for well-being.
  • Strategy for improvement.
  • Clear performance metrics.




En Route


In The Office

Health & Safety Strategy

Our management systems are supported by a company-wide policy, implemented through awareness-raising campaigns and formal training.


Our company management system now includes an updated Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policy as well as a ‘Standards document’, which defines our minimum expectations for achieving behavioural change. This includes specific expectations for process safety and occupational health.


Building a leading health and safety culture requires leadership throughout our company. We run team events on leadership to progress effective behaviours and the right culture for success.


Our diverse activities expose our employees to a range of different safety risks, from a major incident such as a construction site injury or minor issues during daily activities.


Our approach aims to manage each of these risks in the most appropriate way and to develop a culture where these are all addressed with the same level of determination.


Safety Record

Our safety record is excellent and is in no small part due to our considered approach throughout all our activities. We maintain our focus through training and ensuring the competency of our staff. For example, it is compulsory that employees receive a safety induction workshop where they can experience demonstrations of hazards and appropriate solutions.



Customer safety is also critical. We work closely with our customers on a wide range of projects in various locations. It is essential that we deliver on the requirements of clients through structured health and safety procedures that take into account every circumstance. Holistic policies are incumbent in our comprehensive project management solutions.


Open Dialogue

We actively encourage our people and clients to play their part. Our initiatives enable people to identify and challenge unsafe acts and conditions and suggest improvements. It has proven successful in raising important issues and developing our health and safety culture where awareness and openness is positively encouraged.


Health & Wellbeing

Our commitment to employees goes beyond safety on site or in other work environments, we aim to have a long-term impact by helping people to stay healthy.


This helps to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and develop SureMountain as a great place to work. We provide advice and support for physical problems associated with our work processes and run programmes to improve understanding support for such issues.


Through a range of initiatives, we are working hard to achieve our targets for accidents and other health related concerns associated with work. All contracts are assessed for health and safety risks at each stage and we regularly review health and safety with employees throughout our organisation.

Managing Health and Safety

We have well-established policies and systems in place to manage health and safety, including the application of leading indicators within rigorous risk frameworks to monitor and improve performance.


Risk Assessments

We apply rigorous risk assessment processes to ensure that every task is given the appropriate due care and attention. Each assessment encompasses the wider goals and objectives of SureMountain’s health and safety policy. The risk assessment is approached by:


  • Taking into account the environment in which the task is undertaken as well as the nature of the task itself.
  • Identifying the key hazards.
  • Setting out clear, practical controls.
  • Keeping abreast of health and safety risks in our sector.
  • Closely monitoring the effectiveness of our risk assessments, and reviewing the controls we have in place.


Safety First Solutions from SureMountain.

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