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Leadership & Governance


Strong Leadership & Governance From SureMountain

Disciplined Business Practices


Growth is underpinned within SureMountain by strong leadership and disciplined business practices which are essential to creating a stable organisation with the ability to deliver sustained growth.


Our robust management structure and financial reporting process promote accountability and knowledge sharing across SureMountain. This is underpinned by a straightforward and pragmatic operating structure which supports optimum service delivery for all our clients and provides appropriate access to the companies wider expertise and scale. See our service delivery system.


We continuously assess the needs of each part of the company to ensure that we have the necessary people, infrastructure and resources in place to maintain consistent service delivery and to plan for future business development. Each month, the company board reviews comprehensive operational management information which helps us to allocate resources in a way that meets the needs of our clients and deliver our key financial targets.


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Our Leadership Principles

Our leadership is shaped to meet continuing market challenges and to prioritise our continued investment in quality and our people. We identify and develop the capabilities that enable high potential leaders to deliver on business objectives.


We are a team of calibre specialists, each of whom brings deep expertise in specific disciplines and service sectors and who specialise in different client requirements to lead effectively. Our leadership supports the design, establishment and execution of programmes as well as efficient project management for a wide range of initiatives.

Leadership Approach

Our leadership approach is characterised by the following:


  • Organising for ongoing change.
  • Strategic portfolio management.
  • Benefits driven programmes.
  • Complex programme planning.
  • Programme assurance.
  • Strategic risk management.

Corporate Governance

Our board is committed to the high standards of governance.


SureMountain continue to be committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance, which is critical to our business integrity and ethical development. We follow strict principles to ensure that our business strategies will deliver value to stakeholders and give high priority to communications with them. We expect all our directors, employees and suppliers to act with honesty, integrity and fairness.



The Chairman is responsible for leading the board and ensuring that the board members receive accurate, timely and clear information. Effective communication and relationships with the wider business are developed. The Chairman also meets with the appropriate team members periodically on a wide range of business concerns.



The main governance body for SureMountain is the Board who are responsible for the long term growth and sustainability of the firm. Its duties include providing leadership to the company within a framework of prudent and effective controls, while setting strategy direction and overseeing its implementation.


Board Approach

Appointments and re-election are subject to the agreement of individual members. The SureMountain Board meets at least four times a year to discuss business strategy and implementation.


There is a wide range of governance issues and matters specifically reserved for decision by the Board and they include:


  • Determine and review the Company’s strategic direction.
  • Approve all acquisitions and disposals of assets.
  • Review contracts, material joint ventures, strategic partnerships and alliances which are significant in terms of the business strategic direction.


Service Delivery

Our service delivery system ensures that the design and planning of your solution is of the highest industry standards, meeting both regulatory requirements and client specific needs.


Our Team Environment

SureMountain work in a team orientated environment to deliver solutions that make a difference. See more on our careers.

Client Briefings

Client Briefings

Project Meeting

Project Meeting

On Site

On Site

Management Team

Management of the day-to-day activities is undertaken by the SureMountain Management Team and they have the responsibility for the development and implementation of business plans, monitoring operating and financial performance, as well as correctly prioritising and allocating resources.


The management team assess investment opportunities and managing the risk profile of the company. The management team meets at least monthly to discuss a wide range of business operational points.


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