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Commercial Insulation

SureMountain has worked with many commercial properties where very low levels of insulation have had a big impact on energy bills and business oeprations. We have discovered many properties that suffer from air leakage due to the construction of the building and have delivered solutions that work.
With the threat of energy price rises always on the horizon, insulation is a priority, but without consultation with an expert organisation like SureMountain, you could easily make the wrong strategic decision.

New Build



Various Properties

Whether you require a retrofit solution to maximise energy efficiency with your property, or you’re a construction company with new build specifications, SureMountain are on hand to help. We work with our clients from the analysis of requirements all the way through to implementation and installation services.


Comprehensive Solutions

We combine our broad expertise in sustainability, construction and property maintenance to deliver a comprehensive insulation solution that fits with your requirements. SureMountain clients often require a holistic approach to the improvement of their business or residential property so we formulate the right platform of proposals to meet their needs.


Our established insulation services are designed to address a range of issues including noise pollution, heat loss and energy-saving requirements. We also recognise that the specification of commercial insulation requires careful planning in relation to fire safety and moisture protection.


With broad ranging experience in commercial insulation and a highly skilled team, we are well placed to help with all aspects insulation design, planning and implementation.


Public Sector, Blue Chip & SME

SureMountain provides the very highest levels of quality and customer care and we are dedicated to supporting public sector organisations, blue chip companies and smaller businesses to improve their energy efficiency and compliance with local legislation.


See our service delivery process for how we work with clients from various commercial sectors.

Public Sector




Insulation Choices

Commercial properties vary in size, shape and their application, so it is of fundamental importance for SureMountain to understand client and service sector requirements. Our insulation solutions include:


  • Roof Insulation
  • Green Roofing Systems
  • Internal wall Insulation
  • External Wall Insulation
  • Solid Wall Insulation
  • Built-up metal wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Fire Protection Insulation

Common Problems

Many commercial clients approach SureMountain with a range of insulation complications that are related to traditional and perhaps older insulation techniques. The SureMountain services aim to tackle many of these particular problems, including:


  • The control of air leakage.
  • Water and moisture damage that is compromising insulation performance.
  • Condensation and mould.
  • Damage during the initial installation.
  • Insulation damage by other tradesmen.
  • Damage by pests.
  • Unwanted noise.
  • Pollutants passing through gaps.
  • Excessive moisture transfer.
  • Sagging displacing insulation materials.

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