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Basement Insulation


Basement insulation is specified by SureMountain in a range of circumstances to complement our wider range of insulation services and sustainable solutions.


Basement insulation requires careful planning and design to ensure the best thermal, acoustic and fire protection for domestic and commercial properties.


SureMountain delivers a comprehensive portfolio of insulation services in combination with a range of other energy efficiency measures and construction solutions.


Turn Key Solution

Our clients consistently comment on the quality of our advice as well as our service delivery system, which comprises of an end to end turnkey solution for clients in various sectors.

Detailed Analysis

SureMountain focuses on a detailed analysis of the property, so we are able to specify applicable basement insulation services in combination with broader property proposals.


Heat Loss

SureMountain undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the building and the basement characteristics to understand the specifications required. We have often found that the pattern of heat loss from a basement wall is complex.


The rate of heat loss diminishes significantly in most cases as the depth of the basement increases. This lack of thermal insulation can be attributed to the insulation values of the ground behind the basement wall.

Position of Insulation

For new build construction SureMountain typically specifies rigid insulation to externally insulate new basement walls. We feel that this solution delivers the best results by keeping the whole structure warm, with less risk of condensation.


The external insulation should ideally be installed against the waterproofing membrane. SureMountain only specify internal insulation for existing basements because it is obviously not possible to insulate externally.


Waterproofing With Insulation

Waterproofing is fundamentally important for basement insulation. There are three categories for waterproofing basements, including the following:

Tanking is an insulation solution where a continuous waterproof barrier is applied to the inside or outside of the basement structure.


Structurally integral protection insulation offers a comprehensive solution by using water resistant concrete with a waterproof membrane.


Cavities may have formed within the walls and floor of a basement, so drained cavity insulation collects and drains away water entering the basement.


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