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Service Sectors

With our extensive experience in multiple sectors, SureMountain offers you impeccable quality, competitive pricing and a history of successful projects.

Consultative Approach

On every project, SureMountain rely on a strategic, consultative approach that often provides significant savings for our clients. By understanding your needs we can help you achieve diverse goals including environmental, social and health targets.


SureMountain is a thriving business with a bright future, and we seek long-term, mutually-beneficial alliances with every client. So when you choose SureMountain you can be certain of our support for many years to come.


Cross Sector Experience

We know experience counts when it comes to construction, energy saving and sustainability. We have helped many clients on their journey and have delivered aesthetic solutions which fit with modern building requirements.


SureMountain has worked with multi-national corporate organisations, governmental organisations and small medium enterprises. We have successfully delivered projects to the public sector, housing providers, manufacturers, retail organisations, utilities, construction, infrastructure and education.


Our clients are at different stages and as such they require solutions that are applicable to their requirements. Regardless of their size, our clients are all united in a desire to improve their financial, environmental and social performance through highly effective sustainable and economical solutions.

The Sectors

This is just a selection of the service sectors that we have worked with, however each of the skills, knowledge and innovations SureMountain has developed are applicable to numerous other service sectors and industries.


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From the largest of manufacturing plants and national headquarters to warehouses and office units, SureMountain has the experience to deliver challenging industrial projects.


See more on our industrial solutions.

Science & Pharmaceuticals

SureMountain understands the exacting needs of this specialist sector and has a wealth of experience in servicing tightly-controlled science and pharmaceutical environments.

Science & Pharmaceuticals

See more on our science & pharmaceuticals solutions.

Public Sector Solutions

SureMountain provides a total construction and services solution to the public sector – providing a cohesive facility that reduces costs, improves results and meets targets.


SureMountain is entrusted with some of the public sector’s most prestigious projects – ranging from construction and refurbishment to services such as facilities management, energy solutions and sustainability. With dedicated teams in areas including healthcare, infrastructure, housing and custodial, SureMountain can help you meet your targets in a fast, economical manner.


SureMountain’s broad offering of services and solutions means you can easily reduce the number of suppliers required and achieve economies of scale. By working closely with you we find smart solutions to your challenges, while meshing project outcomes with your wider goals.


Our teams excel at completing projects on-time and on-budget, while minimising disruption so that business and life can continue while we work.



SureMountain provides high-quality new builds, renovations and a complete suite of world-class services to commercial clients.


Our construction, renovation and fit-out work is renowned for being meticulously planned and immaculately executed. Our specialist commercial teams are adept at working in live environments, where shoppers, workers and visitors carry on their business while we work.


SureMountain are often involved in the early stages of project planning, where we seek innovative solutions to save our clients time and money.


SureMountain also provide a wide range of services to commercial clients, including facilities management, building maintenance and energy solutions.


Whether you need a single service or a complete solution, SureMountain offers a comprehensive trusted solution. Project management systems give you a clear view of our service delivery and help to monitor progress and constantly improve. Our teams rely on the latest technology and techniques to provide better, more efficient services.


SureMountain help clients to meet tough targets in the defence and justice sectors.
Our skills in construction, energy efficiency and facilities management help clients to reduce interfaces and improve performance. SureMountain has a wealth of experience in both the justice and defence sectors, where complex specifications and capabilities are required.


Our specialist teams understand these complexities in secure environments – often carrying out major building and refurbishment work while the facility operates as normal. With our dedicated teams and comprehensive supply chain, SureMountain is an ideal partner for your project.


We also have significant experience of working to strict technical standards, and of providing ongoing progress reports so you can easily track KPIs and identify any issues along the way.



SureMountain co-operates closely with clients in the education sector to design, build and service effective learning environments where specifications are becoming more complex.


We have been engaged in the investment, development and construction of all types of educational establishment including primary schools academies and colleges. We work closely with teachers, local authorities, students and governors to deliver facilities that improve learning experiences.


Our forward-thinking design and construction techniques are flexible and sustainable while addressing all aspects of education construction design. SureMountain teams keep abreast of the initiatives and strategies driving school development, and we understand the need to create facilities that serve younger leaners as well as adults.


SureMountain work alongside you in a spirit of mutual co-operation – focused solely on delivering the project on-time and as agreed at the tender stage.


SureMountain provides a range of facilities management, lifecycle, maintenance and energy management services to education institutions. Our fully integrated service delivery model is of significant benefit to the sector where effective project management is required.


SureMountain develops patient and service user focussed solutions by working as an integrated and collaborative partner throughout the whole life of the project.


We have extensive healthcare experience in the delivery of acute, mental health and community facilities. They range from building maintenance and facilities management to major redevelopment projects for complete solutions. Whether you require clinical service planning, estates strategy, business case development support or design and construction services, SureMountain can support your project.


We can also manage your healthcare facilities, and help you maintain clean, safe and effective treatment spaces.


Whether you need a single service or a complete solution, SureMountain offers the stability and high standards expected in a long-term partner offering value for money.



SureMountain has one of the most impressive records for residential projects. From construction to facilities management, we offer excellence, experience and forward-thinking solutions.


Our teams carry out projects cohesively to ensure the highest possible standards of quality, value and presentation, from initial design through to construction and after-sales care.


The affordable homes side of our business works with housing association and local authority clients to build social and affordable housing to the highest quality, on time and within budget. We continue to apply our expertise to many brownfield and regeneration schemes in the social housing market.


We upgrade and maintain thousands of homes on behalf of local councils and we are also taking a leading role in the provision of affordable homes. Our private house building interests complete the residential package enabling SureMountain to offer everything from low-cost affordable housing to superior quality private residences.


Our services touch the lives of many thousands of residents and offer landlords, local authorities and housing associations a one-stop shop of high-quality solutions. From scheduled and responsive maintenance to upgrades, aids and adaptations and a suite of environmental services, SureMountain can help you cut costs, improve results and minimise the number of suppliers you rely on.

Leisure & Hotels

Using our in-house talent, SureMountain can cut your costs and improve the outcomes of your leisure project, while our services teams offer cost-effective solutions to daily challenges.


SureMountain provides development, building, engineering and support services to some of the most prominent leisure brands and hotels. Our expertise in the leisure market includes swimming pools, leisure centres, zoo facilities and enclosures, cinemas, theatres, museums and sports stadia as well as venues including golf courses and racecourses.


SureMountain is ready to help you from the earliest stages of your leisure development. Early engagement enables us to advise on the concept and planning phases, while adopting the most cost effective, innovative and sustainable construction methods.


Our commitment to genuine collaboration means that we listen carefully to your requirements, and plan meticulously to deliver the experience that your customers want. If your project is a refurbishment or an extension of an existing property, we can help you maintain operations while we work, so that your customers, staff and communities are not disrupted by our activities.


SureMountain constantly invests in innovative building techniques to ultimately provide our clients with a sustainable, quality and cost effective turnkey solution that is fully co-ordinated, value engineered and inherently environmentally conscious.



SureMountain provides construction, fit out and refurbishment services to the retail market including single units, full-scale retail parks and shopping outlets.


Our expertise stretches from our role as developers through to complex multi-stage design and build projects, as well as planning and remediation services. SureMountain has transformed brownfield sites into sustainable retail communities.


By choosing SureMountain you can also tap into our wide-ranging capabilities – giving you greater potential with fewer interferences in the process.


As well as taking care to minimise disruption to neighbours, customers and staff, our retail teams prioritise a ‘business as usual’ approach, so your stores can remain open and active. Our extensive track record in the retail sector is testament to our skilled negotiation of live environments.


You can also rely on SureMountain to provide the essential services that keep your stores operating at full capacity. From single services such as facilities management, to a package of cyclical and responsive services, we collaborate closely with you to deliver precisely what you need.


Our dedicated services teams have a reputation for excellence and can help you maintain your vital brand image. By reporting on our performance we can monitor those essential services and constantly improve.


From the largest of manufacturing plants and national headquarters to warehouses and office units, SureMountain has the experience to deliver challenging industrial projects.


Our group has the in-house expertise and experience to develop, design, deliver and maintain industrial buildings and facilities. At every stage of your project – from preparatory tasks such as remediation and temporary works to construction, fit-out and facilities management – we offer advanced solutions that help your budget go further.


We rely on the latest technology, such as building information modelling (BIM) and 4D visualisations to give you a better understanding of your functional spaces before they are built. This technology also enables better decision making and a clearer view of how your project will develop over time.


Our collaborative approach to everything we do means we treat you as a respected, trusted partner. Instead of looking for obstacles, we focus on getting the job done. We carefully monitor the progress of each project and use post-project debrief sessions to learn from every experience.


Our project teams are also adept at working in live, controlled environments, helping your business continue as usual while we work.


Your industrial spaces can also be maintained, cleaned and improved by SureMountain teams. You can choose single services or we can provide a suite of services to help you reduce suppliers and costs. We listen carefully to your needs, and then tailor our services to match them.


Science & Pharmaceuticals

SureMountain understands the exacting needs of this specialist sector and has a wealth of experience in building, upgrading and servicing tightly-controlled laboratory environments for the science and pharmaceutical industry.


We provide architectural services, cost management, mechanical and electrical design/installation, construction, healthcare planning, facilities management, project collaboration and more.


SureMountain’s experience and expertise is augmented by our use of the latest technology, which helps us deliver maximum value at every stage. Tools such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) offer unprecedented clarity to clients and construction teams alike.


Our focus is on improving project outcomes and by using technology as well as our in-house expertise, we can often uncover novel solutions to your unique challenges – saving you time and money in the process.


Whether you need a single service or a package of facilities management and maintenance services, we adopt a consultative, collaborative approach so we can truly understand your needs.


Our dedicated service teams have a reputation for excellence, and are adept at working discreetly and around the needs of your service users.

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