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Green Roofing Systems

An Aesthetic & Practical Solution

A green roof is typically partially or completely covered by vegetation and planted over a waterproof membrane, which delivers the insulation required for the building.


SureMountain has installed many green roofing systems and some of these projects included additional layers such as root barriers and more complex drainage and irrigation systems.


 Ideal for Urban & Rural Environments

Many other building applications have rooftop ponds that are used to treat grey water. Green roofs are often specified by SureMountain because they perform a vital role in helping cities adapt to the effects of climate change.


Artificial cooling requirements typically reduce in hot weather and the capture of rainwater runoff delivers significant advantages to the specification of a green roof from SureMountain. With increased urbanisation green roofs also provide a natural habitat for urban wildlife to enjoy.

Stand Alone or Comprehensive Solutions

Green roofs serve multiple purposes for a building and work well in combination with other sustainable solutions provided by SureMountain. They have the ability to insulate, absorb rainwater, and offer a habitat for wildlife.


SureMountain believe strongly in the principles of green roofs because they lower urban air temperatures and mitigate the heat island effect to deliver a fairly comprehensive sustainable solution.


Two Types of Green Roof

SureMountain offers two types of green roofs, intensive roofs and extensive roofs. Intensive roofs are thicker and typically support a wider variety of vegetation and plants. They are heavier and require more care and attention to maintain them effectively. Extensive roofs are covered with a light layer of vegetation and plants.

Intensive Roofs


Extensive Roofs


With Other Solutions

The specification of a green roof from SureMountain is very much dependent on various factors, but they work well in combination with other sustainable and energy efficiency measures. Green Roofs are an ideal way for urban organisations to make an environmental commitment, which delivers long-term results and a return on investment.

Analysis & Solutions

SureMountain will deliver exceptional results, by focusing on our processes and a service delivery system, which places the client at the heart of our operations. We typically specify a green roof as part of a well-planned and strategic sustainable solution.


SureMountain work with our clients from the analysis of the client brief all the way through to the implementation and installation of sustainable insulation solutions. We work closely with our clients on energy saving and limit the impact of noise through our acoustic planning services.


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