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Management Consulting

Business Sense With Technical Know-how


Forefront of Management Consulting


SureMountain is at the forefront of management consulting services offering a range of tangible services in construction, sustainability and property maintenance. SureMountain amalgamates business sense with technical know-how to offer solutions that impact on organisations of various sizes.


The organisations that SureMountain work with demand swift responses to opportunities and challenges. To make the right decisions, our clients require sharp insight into current trends and to be in position to capitalise. SureMountain illustrate the likely outcomes so that our clients can see the opportunities and risks clearly.


SureMountain help businesses improve performance by giving them the complete picture, whether that is through a complete consultancy package or via our specialist consultancy services. SureMountain combine strategic commercial intelligence with defined, hands-on experience of procedures, assets and people.

Clear & Practical

Our services aim to connect and decipher the information businesses need to thrive. For a client exploring opportunities related to energy efficiency, SureMountain deliver practical advice by integrating world-class supply chain advice, corporate finance consultancy and energy strategy.


The backbone of our strategic advice is the technical depth of the SureMountain specialists who have designed and delivered many complex projects for the entire process chain, from supply to transmission and demand.


The people who are an integral part of SureMountain combine the management calibre of a blue chip consultancy with raw capabilities to understand technical and operational requirements. The SureMountain consultants are therefore able to translate between functions of an organisation. We inform both the financial function and technical experts, so our clients receive a clearer insight to develop a competitive advantage.


Relevant Technologies

We go further by offering guidance on the most relevant technologies for today’s built environment. This includes products and solutions that help you increase efficiencies and save money throughout the property lifecycle.


Solutions That Work

The joined-up thinking methodology offered by SureMountain delivers pragmatic solutions for many organisations. SureMountain’s project and cost managers work in conjunction with designers and technical specialists so that our solutions merge the best in business sense, with creativity and current innovations.


Our IT and communications specialists use their everyday expertise to plan for specialist requirements in relation to technological advances. Our risk consultants bring together protective intelligence and design to offer a portfolio that protects secure assets, so your risk is minimised.


SureMountain operations consultants have the hands-on experience that will really make the difference when aligning technology, people and processes in the most complex projects.

Sector Experience

SureMountain offer management consultancy services to clients working for or within the following sectors.









Unprecedented Challenges

SureMountain recognises the future uncertainties regarding climate change that are complicating business and organisational strategy. SureMountain’s economics and planning consultants deconstruct traditional thinking to help organisations consider their future with greater confidence.


SureMountain’s management consulting services don’t end there. We drive change by helping clients make stronger connections between strategy and action. In areas such as climate change our consultants work hard to determine the priorities then suggest appropriate solutions to achieve them.


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