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Energy Consultancy

Technologically Modern Approach

Our energy consultancy services aim to help you to become a resource efficient organisation. Our clients recognise the breadth of capabilities from SureMountain can help them prepare and adapt to the challenges of the 21st Century.


The energy consultancy services from SureMountain are centred around the clients exact brief so we can implement appropriate actions that will improve operational performance.


SureMountain clients like our partnership approach and trust the expertise of our team.


Facing Challenges

We understand the challenges faced by modern organisations and are able to deliver solutions related to energy savings, carbon emission reductions, water conservation and waste management.










Cost Savings & Smarter Thinking

The SureMountain service delivery process offers a range of benefits including cost savings and a smarter, different way of thinking.


Modern organisations need to know how resources are used and the effect this has on operations and supply chains, so they can fully understand the associated risk benefits.


Many of our clients consistently request appropriate energy consultancy solutions so they can plan for better energy efficiency in the future.


We help our clients at every stage of the management process, delivering a consistent service delivery platform.


We combine consultancy, project management and the knowledge of appropriate technologies to improve operational performance.


Our wealth of experience in the area of energy efficiency for various types of new build and retrofit applications means we are appropriately positioned to deliver effective results.


We calculate, manage and implement strategies for carbon reduction and convey an analytical approach throughout our energy consultancy services.


Global & Local Solutions

SureMountain works with global partners and regional clients across a broad range of public and commercial sectors.


Sector Experience

We deliver energy consultancy to the construction industry, education, housing associations, retail, utilities, health services, financial, defence and communication sectors.


Our energy consultancy services are not limited to large organisations, we work with small medium enterprises to deliver functional performance improvements.






Health Services








One Step Leads To a Comprehensive Plan

Our leading clients are now on a very comprehensive journey towards sustainability and fully recognise that the path is not a short-term solution. We help our clients to break the journey into manageable steps.


Many organisations approach SureMountain at the beginning of this journey and require a thorough analysis of their current situation. Regardless of the client objectives, SureMountain work at an appropriate pace to suit client requirements, however we encourage forward movement in our client’s strategic direction.


We understand that everyone is not seeking to be a green leader, our clients have varying specifications but they wish to make decisions that are based on correct commercial judgement. SureMountain always consider the business, social and environmental considerations before making this journey.

Auditing & Technical Strategy

The SureMountain energy overview delivers effective auditing and a highly tactical energy reduction strategy.


We create a low or zero carbon energy feasibility study at a very high level and map out the tactical energy strategy afterwards.


Initially we do not go into detail on the economic and technical feasibility of improving the energy performance of the building.


Economic and technical feasibility will be delivered as part of final proposals for improving your operational performance.


Energy Consultancy Phases

Analysis Phase

SureMountain constructs a picture of your organisation or supply chain to understand the potential opportunities to improve operational performance.


We complete site assessments, consumption data analysis, policy and procedure checks, behaviour and culture assessments and research the relevant legislative frameworks that could impact on SureMountain proposals.

Advice Phase

SureMountain work closely with our clients to set energy aims and objectives that meet your requirements.


We identify areas for improvements using the broad range of analysis completed in the first phase.


We always look to engage and communicate with the variety of different stakeholders within your organisation so we can develop a business case and action plan. Our aim is to deliver positive change across your organisation.

Application Phase

The requirements of our clients can often vary dramatically from one project to another. Our team of project managers work with you on the overall project and implementation of the relevant energy efficiency measures required.


Regardless of whether your project requires energy monitoring, electrical optimisation, energy-efficient lighting or insulation services, SureMountain will offer the right solutions to help you apply these measures within your organisation.

Future Phase

Once the journey begins, it is inevitable new opportunities will emerge given the vast rate of technological change.


Higher resource efficiencies, cost savings and value creation is expected, however SureMountain always monitor developments and work with our clients to present fresh solutions that support organisational efficiencies.


We also work with our clients on outsourcing certain aspects of the operations, including utilities management, supply chain efficiencies, or having a greater understanding of value creation throughout business operations. Our clients need to use materials better and to avoid waste so we continue to help.



The SureMountain energy overview report will detail the relevant implications of each technology we propose and this overview typically includes:


  • Technology overview and specifications.
  • Collaborative discussions on the most suitable technologies.
  • SureMountainl cost proposal.
  • Applicable grants and financial support.

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